Why Choose The Franchising Centre?

The Value of Good Advice

Can you put a price on the value of getting the best advice you can when it comes to franchising your business? Well, consider the value of a successful franchise business – many millions of pounds? Now consider the cost of a failed franchise venture. The difference in value between the two is the value of initial and ongoing good advice.

Here’s what the British Franchise Association says on it’s website:

“However, it is worth noting one fact that is raised on several occasions, which is the need to make sure you take the right advice when franchising your business. Franchise consultants and franchise solicitors in particular are two key expert areas that will build the foundations of your franchise. If you get the wrong advice here, or try to cut any corners, you can seriously damage the chances of success later.”

Each one of our experienced consultants:

  • Is BFA accredited and takes the BFA’s Qualified Franchise Professional qualification
  • Is part of a company that can show a long track record in working successfully with a range of franchised businesses
  • Has themselves got practical experience of running a franchise business
  • Has received formal training within an established consultancy group
  • Is part of a company that requires continuous professional development to ensure knowledge and skills stay leading edge
  • Is part of a company that can take care of all your franchising needs including initial development and launch, franchise software, franchisee recruitment, staff recruitment, training, international expansion and more
  • Is part of a company that will not try and push you towards a particular supplier, form of advertising or favoured lawyer
  • Is focused on providing the solution you need rather than an off the shelf package that may or may not be suitable
  • Has high values of honesty and integrity, enjoys their work and gains genuine pleasure from seeing you succeed

5 Things You Need To Franchise Your Business

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The Franchising Centre – UK and Europe’s Lead Franchise Consultancy

We pride ourselves on being the UK and Europe’s leading franchise consultancy, but what does that mean for you? Well, it means that you are getting the best advice available. But more than that, it means we have the team and resources to go on providing you with franchise consultancy throughout your lifetime as a franchisor.

Franchisor businesses tend to have similar life cycles and we can provide support every step of the way. Our franchise consultants not only work with you in the initial development of your franchise. From there, we can provide support and resources in any of the main functions of running a franchisor business. You may ask one of our team of specialist franchise consultants to support you in franchisee recruitment, franchise training, franchise staff recruitment or any number of other areas. And when the time comes to expand into international markets, you may require our international franchise consultant to help guide you through that process. When it comes to franchise consulting, we have specialists in every area of your business that are available as and when you need them.

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