Seasons Greetings…and a Look Back on a Memorable Year

As we approach the end of 2018 The Franchising Centre can look back on a year of challenges and triumphs, topped off by being recognised as the British Franchise Association’s Affiliate and Supplier Team of the Year. I’ve written elsewhere about there...

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Where Have They All Gone?

By Brian Duckett. Published in Franchise World Magazine (Dec/Jan issue) When I attended the recent European Multi-Unit and Master Franchise Conference in London, one of my consultant colleagues from the U.S. made an interesting statement which he followed...

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Planning and Goal Setting

As a coach and facilitator, I work with businesses and individuals by helping them create visions for their businesses, their future and inevitably, this leads on to setting objectives or goals for the long, medium and short-term. Generally, as a society,...

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Yesterday was the BFA Chairman’s charity day where eight teams battled it out.  Although frustratingly, I couldn't make it, it’s got me thinking about teams. I think we might all be guilty of assuming that a collection of people automatically become a...

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Then to Now…40 Years of Franchise World

2018 marks the 40th Year of Franchise World, who are the UK's oldest franchising magazine and seen by many as one of the most newsworthy and informative. The Franchising Centre (TFC) and Franchise World have had a close relationship for almost the entire...

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