Want to unleash the full power of digital marketing to drive your franchise’s growth, but struggling to find the right strategy?

TFC Digital is here to help!

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your possession for both promoting your brand, and attracting the right kind of high-quality franchisees you need to grow your franchise. However, there are simply so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to focus your resources to get the results you need.

Done right, it can be incredibly effective. Otherwise, it can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise which gets you nowhere.

So, how can you be sure your message is reaching the right people and giving you value for money?

By understanding your goals, addressing your needs, and tackling any current challenges head-on, our expert team can craft a tailored solution for your franchise which can deliver the results you need.
Here are just some of the ways our team can help you:

Creating a bespoke digital strategy for franchisee recruitment

Local marketing for your franchisees, Helping your franchisee get leads in their local locations

Social media content creation and design

PPC ads - FB, Google, Linkedin

Digital PR and programmatic marketing

Bespoke Franchise Software and Apps

National and local campaigns using proven target audiences and buyer persona profiling

Alexa skills voice marketing

Sky Adsmart targeted TV advertising

Why work with TFC Digital?

Our in-house digital strategist, Alan Bradley, can draw on more than 20 years of experience in franchising and digital marketing. He brings an in-depth understanding of both brand awareness and the relationship between franchisors and potential franchisees which can help you to create a digital marketing strategy that delivers the results you need.

Of course, like all our services here at The Franchising Centre, you won’t have access to just one expert with this service, but a whole team of specialists with a huge range of skills you can call upon to create your perfect strategy. When you work with The Franchising Centre, our team becomes your team!

From crafting tailored strategies to utilizing cutting-edge software, we can streamline and optimise your franchise’s digital marketing efforts, boost your brand’s reach, and generate top-quality recruitment leads.

Transform your franchise’s comms systems the easy way

Any franchisee support network is only ever as good as its ability to communicate important information to its members. As your franchise grows, keeping everyone up-to-date can turn into a real monster! Becoming too big for your old systems is a great problem to have, but don’t become a victim of your own success – Ziik it, instead!

Ziik is a unique, all-in-one software platform designed to streamline your support and communications network. Leave clunky old software and time-wasted managing multiple platforms behind, and discover a new software platform available only through TFC in the UK which has the potential to utterly transform your franchise’s digital presence and comms.

Among its many benefits, Ziik can:

Transform your comms by making everything searchable and easy to read on a single digital platform

Streamline all your systems freeing up time and resources for you and your network

Keep all your important info and comms in one easy to access place, not across multiple channels

Make it easier to share and track comms to every single person in your network

Offer a very easy to use interface which can be set up with your branding

Make important information quick and easy to find on-the-go

Contact us today to learn more about how Ziik can help your franchise systems thrive.

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?

Get in touch today and let’s start transforming your digital presence together!

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