Attracting Franchisees

The time to think about how to attract franchises is right at the beginning! Part of developing your system is ensuring that set up the right kind of marketing content to appeal to people who match your ideal franchisee profile.
Having A Dedicated Franchise Website
A key component to attracting franchisees is ensuring you have a dedicated franchise website.

Main reasons for having a separate franchise website, rather than a ‘’ are as follows:

  1. Future-Proofing – Google rewards sites with consistency and relevancy of information, so having just one site aimed at two very different profiles of people compromises this and means that less people will ‘find’ your site when typing things into Google.
  2. Who Are You Trying to Attract? – The profiles of a potential franchisee versus a potential customer or client are usually very different indeed and it’s not worth confusing them by hosting such different sets of information on the same website
  3. Website Layout Flexibility – The way you present the consumer offering, and the business opportunity, usually will be quite different, and you need flexibility on how to show this on a website, which really means you need separate websites

Please ask us for more information about this.

Telling Your Franchise Opportunity Story Effectively
You can have a great looking website, but it is very common for franchisors to totally misinterpret how the actual words, and writing is put across. This doesn’t just include the website. It extends to the content used in email marketing, franchise prospectuses and other printed material, stands at franchise exhibitions and online adverts.

You may have noticed that everywhere you look, adverts on any medium are selling products and services by tapping into the power of human emotion, and going out of their way to ensure the person seeing them quickly understands the benefits on offer to them.

There is a very good reason for this…With so much ‘noise’ and information now at the tips of our fingers (our smartphones!), people are not moved by the traditional sales messages of old. The way people buy, or invest their time or money into something, has changed dramatically, even in the last 5 years!

It’s really important that, when you tell the story of your franchise opportunity, it must be told with all this in mind.

We know the best people to tell your story, so it’s another bullet point to put down for when you’re ready to talk to us.

Promoting Your Opportunity
Having invested in setting your franchise up correctly in the way to attract the right kind of franchisees, you now need to tell the world about this business opportunity!

As soon as you start thinking about this, you will realise there are so many options it becomes extremely difficult to make decisions about where you spend your money to start generating franchise enquiries.

For the last 10 years, The Franchising Centre has been working with many new franchisors to ensure that they don’t waste any money when it comes to generating enquiries.

Your Lead Generation Strategy
There is certainly no silver bullet of where you should position yourself to be seen, but due to our experience, we will be able to save you a huge amount of time and frustration (and money!) by putting together what we call your ‘Lead Generation Strategy’. The franchise marketing and recruitment work that we do with clients means that we have the information at our finger tips that enables us to guide on what marketing to undertake and where you will get the best return on your marketing budget.

This effectively takes the agreed objectives (“I want to find 4 franchisees in the next 12 months”) and helps ensure you understand the realistic budget figure to have available in order to attract the right number of franchise enquiries, a percentage of which will become your new franchisees.

Finding Franchisees In Piles of Leads
Interestingly, you may be surprised to learn how many enquiries you can generate for your franchise opportunity with the right strategy in place. The difficult bit is identifying which the serious prospects are and targeting your follow up effort at those individuals.

Our sophisticated franchisee enquiry handling service enables you to outsource this time consuming task, so that you only have to invest time meeting with highly qualified, and genuine prospects that are ready, able and willing to invest in your franchise opportunity.

More info on this vital process of attracting, managing those enquiries and converting them into franchisees can be found here.

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