The International Outbound Process Breakdown

On this page we will give you an insight into some of the choices you will need to make and some of the activities in which you will become involved.

Initial Consultation
As with all Franchising Centre projects the first stage is to have an initial discussion on what you are hoping to achieve. This may be a telephone conversation or a face to face meeting depending on preference and availability. This is a fee-free and no-obligation discussion which will give us both the opportunity to learn about each other’s hopes and aspirations and will give guidance and advice on whether to proceed to the next stage.
Strategy Development
If both parties feel that there is value in moving forward to explore the opportunity further, the next stage is to begin the process of developing the outline strategy for an international franchise development programme. This will, in broad terms, look at the How? Where? and When? of the process.

We will look at the concept which you wish to take to the international market and consider whether any part of your business will need to be adapted to meet the requirements of your target markets. These might include both cultural and legislative issues. We will also consider which option will be best suited to different markets; that is whether to adopt Master Franchising, Area Development or Direct Franchising.

The next stage will be to consider which countries you should target first if you should have several target territories. Again, cultural and legislative conditions may favour some markets rather than others.

Finally, we will agree a timetable with you for moving the project forward to completion.

Structuring the Offer
The next stage will be to develop the broad structure of the offer which will include the terms under which the franchise will be offered. The detailed structure will be developed as the project moves forward until all aspects have been considered and agreed, culminating in the detailed Final Offer.
Franchisee Profile
Depending on which structure will be adopted for the franchise model, a franchisee profile will be created which will identify the attributes of the person or the company that will make a suitable franchisee. Consideration will be given to their business background and experience and their ability to invest in the franchise. Marketing activity will be directed to place the opportunity in front of these potential franchisees.
Preparing Marketing Materials
Once the franchisee profile has been agreed marketing materials will be developed to present the offer. These will include a bespoke web-site outlining the opportunity and an initial Prospectus. Each of these will also form the basis of the process to recruit sub-franchisees. Other documentation will be prepared to present further information to potential franchisees during the recruitment process ensuring that full disclosure is given prior to any Franchise Agreement being signed.
Finalising the Offer
As the structure has been developing all proposals will have been included and tested in a Financial Plan outlining the likely outcome of the project for both Master Franchisor and Master Franchisee / Area Developer. Once each element of the offer has been agreed the recruitment process can begin in earnest.
Marketing the Offer
The offer will now be introduced to the relevant brokers with whom we have an association who will then set the marketing and recruitment processes in place in their relevant territories. The Master Franchisor, however, will make the final decision as to which candidates will be successful.

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