Serious Leads Look For 3 Things Online.

Do you satisfy them?

Most serious leads exploring online expect the same great experience from you that they get from major online retailers: complete information, reviews (owner stories), costs and how to buy.

That means creating the right online experience to build trust, confidence and credibility for your franchise is essential. If not, your serious lead moves on. Another lost opportunity.

Serious leads hold real power. Whether you like it or not, franchisors must first “audition” for a serious lead. And that’s before they ever get into your recruitment pipeline. So to move a serious lead from anonymous to known you’ve got to do all three of these things very well…

1. “What’s in it for me?”

How many franchise stories have you read that are all about you, where buried deep in the words somewhere is how all you do benefits your franchisee? A truly serious lead wants to quickly understand how they’d benefit from an investment in your franchise.

That focus should lead every aspect of your story. Once you’ve got the order right ask yourself: Do you tell your whole story or hold back? Is your story easy to understand? Is it filled with indecipherable gobbledygook? Does your story showcase the great things you do for your franchisees?

2. “Can I find it all here?”

Does your story deliver a great experience?

Can a serious lead easily find the information they want?

Do they run into artificial barriers?

Do you prematurely force financial disclosures or phone calls to learn more?

Is your story logically organised?

Do you give a serious lead many reasons to move forward with you?

3. “Does your online presence inspire confidence?”

Does your website draw visitors in? Is your navigation intuitive? Do all the links work? Are pages uncluttered and easy to scan? Do you use video?

Telling a great story is a challenge. If your online story is weak, then it doubles or triples the budget needed to generate enough leads to meet your recruitment goals. Fix it and you have a great chance to compete for serious leads.

And we’ll help you find them.

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