Why Are Serious Leads So Hard To Find?

Think about it. The way franchisors go about recruiting franchisees hasn’t fundamentally changed in over 20 years. It’s largely a process of cold-calling.

Every day leads arrive, then a series of calls/emails/voicemails, we speak to just 30%, very few of those become serious leads. Then here comes the next batch of leads. Rinse; repeat.

So do you write off the leads you just paid for that didn’t connect? Do they ever get worked properly? It’s unlikely. If you weren’t aware before, now you see the problem.

In fact, our own work over a decade, confirms that most recruiters still spend about 43% of their productive hours chasing unqualified leads. That has to stop in order for results to change.

We have lived this nightmare. That’s why we developed the FRSolution to help in our own recruitment efforts. And guess what. It works.

So, to get a different result, change the process that grinds down talented recruiters.

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