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The Franchising Centre has run recruitment or helped internal brand recruiters improve conversion performance for over 15 years. We’ve recruited thousands of franchisees. We’ve seen a thing or two.

We hope our insights can help uncover one or two big ideas for your future recruitment efforts.

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We’ll examine three key aspects of your franchisee recruitment program…


  • Does your story compel a lead to contact you?
  • Does your story clearly state what makes you special?
  • Does your story make all information available or hide some?
  • Does your story talk only about your brand?
  • Does your story avoid cliches that everyone uses?

Lead Generation Program

  • Are you investing enough to generate the leads you need to create a new franchisee?
  • Are you hitting your recruitment goals?
  • What channels create your leads?
  • Can you track results from each channel?
  • When a lead arrives, what tactics do you use to make contact?

Recruitment Process

  • How healthy is your pipeline to support your recruitment goals?
  • Is your process an endurance contest, too short or just right?
  • How do you assess the cultural fit of your candidates?
  • Do too many candidates drop out in the earliest stages of your process?
  • Do you end up “firing” too many franchisees during or after their contract term?

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