Created around the philosophy of “Happier Ageing”, Nurse Next Door was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2001. Its mission to satisfy clients’ individual emotional and psychological needs, as well as the physical and medical ones, has placed it at the forefront of transforming the care industry and disrupting old perceptions of how senior care should be provided.

By taking a more flexible, holistic approach to home care in which clients’ needs are assessed on an individual level in order to tailor services, Nurse Next Door has rapidly become a global leader and expanded to more than 200 locations across Canada, the US, and Australia. In 2018, it was named as one of the top 50 franchise systems in North America, as well as the fastest growing home care franchise.

Nurse Next Door is uniquely positioned to fill the existing market gaps for the senior home care space in England, and this master franchise opportunity promises rapid growth and return on investment.

The Franchise Opportunity:

  • Be part of a bold, innovative franchise culture that has been proven to deliver results for both clients and franchise owners, time and time again
  • By 2045, approximately 1 in 4 people in the United Kingdom will be 65 years or older. Almost 90% of all seniors say that they want to stay at home for as long as possible. Nurse Next Door’s proven business model offers you a way to tap into this booming market and transform lives for the better
  • Enjoy effective management oversight with a centralised support system which facilitates everything from scheduling and attendance tracking to data and analytics for your franchisees
  • Ongoing training, marketing support and coaching for all levels of your franchise as part of a brand committed to continual improvement and innovation
  • Ideal for highly motivated individuals who have both a proven commercial track record and a passion for delivering a quality service
Minimum Investment: £500,000

Year established: 2001

Estimated time to break even:up to 3 years – but in practice Master Franchisees are achieving breakeven more quickly

Current number of franchisees: 200+

Franchise Lifestyle: Management

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