Buying a Master Franchise

If you’re a serious investor looking to find the next great concept, then looking at master franchise opportunities is something you should be doing. Iain Martin explains in the video some pointers that high net worth investors should be aware of.  These include:
  • Reasons for targeting your country
  • Commitment of resources
  • Franchisors long term vision
  • Ask for their market research
  • International track record
  • Any other master franchisees?
  • Obligations of the Master Franchisee
Why Invest in a Master Franchise?
The benefits of investing in a master franchise opportunity are that it has been proven already on a national scale in another country; you will obtain the exclusive rights to own and grow the brand in your country and you will profit long term from supporting a network of sub-franchisees.
Seek Out Experienced Master Franchise Consultants
As experienced master franchise consultants act as high level matchmakers, the best way to find out what opportunities are available is to connect with them.

They will want to understand what you’re looking for, in order to make sure that they are able to best advise concepts that may be suitable, and to start to provide you with confidential information you won’t be able to obtain in any other way.

You don’t need us to tell you that investing in a master franchise is a major business decision. However, having been involved in master franchising for many years, where The Franchising Centre may be able to help you is with some guidance on how to go about the process, and making sure that you ask the right questions to ensure that you come to a fully informed decision.

If you are serious about investing in a master franchise, and you want to talk to a dedicated master franchising consultant in person, simply tap or click the ‘Schedule Call’ button or use the ‘Contact’ form.

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Master Franchise Opportunity? Points to Consider...

In the meantime, here’s some pointers to consider when appraising a master franchise opportunity.

  • Since franchising is very much about branding, one of the first things you should expect to find with a high quality franchiser is a real passion for their brand and a desire to protect how it’s represented, both visually and the values associated with it.
  • Since the master franchisee relationship with the franchisor should last for many years, how you are treated pre-sale will give you some indication of what you might expect post sale. Good franchisors are responsive to their franchisees.
  • Now whether franchising nationally or internationally, it’s all about replicating proven systems. So check out how successful the franchisors domestic system is. This will include the basic business model, the profitability of unit franchisees, their track record of growth, failures, and so on.
  • A master franchise in essence is a franchise of how to run a franchise system. And so you should expect to see evidence of that in the franchisor’s home market.
  • You should find out why the franchisor wants to enter your country, how committed they are and what resources they’re prepared to commit to make you successful.
  • What is their long term development vision? Most franchisors will have a view of the potential size of a brand in a specific country.
  • You should find out how they see the development plan for your country. How many units to be opened per year and so on. Has the franchisor done any market research to substantiate their view of the development potential? What is their international track record like? Do they have other master franchisees? Are they successful? What are the terms of the agreement? Its duration? The initial and ongoing fees? What training and support will be provided? What are the obligations on the master franchisee?
  • Can you sell your master franchise at some future point?
Well, there are a few pointers which hopefully will be of help to you, but if you want to talk specifically about any of the master franchise opportunities we are working with, please contact us. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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