Finding Master Franchisees

Hi. My name is Iain Martin and I’m an experienced international franchise consultant.

Master franchising is used by franchisors as a way to find serious investors who want to own the franchise rights for their brand across an entire large region or country.

Watch the video as highly experienced international franchise consultant, Iain Martin, talks through what’s required in order to attract high net worth investors, and how The Franchising Centre will help including:

  • Know the right profile of investor you require
  • Main package items required to show investors
  • Marketing plan to find serious investors
  • Specialist handling of enquiries
  • High level qualification
  • Detailed contractual negotiations
Find Experienced International Franchise Consultants
It can be very difficult to attract and identify serious investors when you are not based in that territory, so it makes sense to work with experienced master franchisee consultants based in the countries you are looking to find serious investors.

These consultants have great local knowledge, contacts with serious investors looking for good franchise concepts and proven methods for attracting further interest.

They will get to understand your concept fully, and represent your brand to serious investors ensuring only the most highly qualified start to take up your time.

If you’re trying to find a good quality master franchisee for your brand, The Franchising Centre can help you. We specialise in matching the right investors to the right master franchises, and we must stress how important the ‘right investor’ is, because this is crucial to your success.

High Level Matchmaking Specialists
We have investors for master franchise opportunities all around the world and our role is to match your concept to the individual or business that is perfectly suited to growing your brand in their region. If you’d like to speak to The Franchising Centre about your master franchise opportunity and how we can help you achieve your goals, please get in touch.

Now, we’re assuming that the groundwork has been done. You should have already taken advice to confirm the suitability of your concept for the international marketplace and specifically for the target country.

If not, we can certainly help, so please read more here.

Process of Finding Master Franchisees
Let me explain how we help franchisors secure high quality UK partners.  If you’re new to master franchising, there are some key points to consider.

We start with the materials that will be presented to the candidates. Are they suitable for the UK, in this case? These will include, amongst other things:

  • A country-specific franchise prospectus
  • A confidentiality agreement,
  • A request for consideration document
  • A detailed information memorandum
  • A template master franchise agreement
  • A template business plan
A Marketing Plan
Having got the foundations in place, a marketing plan should be developed to identify candidates who meets your ideal master franchisee specification and this will include their commercial background, financial capability, business vision and so on. A marketing plan typically will have several elements and could include the use of PR, websites, direct approaches to prospective partners, participation in specialist exhibitions and seminars and, of course, contacting candidates from our profiled prospect databases.
Qualifying Potential Master Franchisees
Candidates need to be managed effectively. There should be an ongoing information exchange which will include meetings with key personnel in your own country and culminating with a discovery visit to see the franchisor’s head office, meet the executive team and confirm that that is a comfortable fit for both parties.
Getting The Agreement Signed
You’ll then get down to detailed contractual negotiations, which will include the fee structure, mutual obligations on things such as training and ongoing support, and the country development schedule.

While this is being completed, get some champagne on ice. You’re almost there. And once the initial payment has been made, crack it open and toast the future.

This process typically is how we work with businesses to find really good master franchisees. If you’d like to speak to us about your concept and your goals for franchising, simply click the ‘Schedule Call’ button above or fill out the ‘Contact’ form…

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