Preparing Your Business

Are you considering expanding your business for international franchising or have you been contacted by someone who wants to take your business concept into your country? My name is Farrah Rose and I am part of The Franchising Centre. We have been advising franchisors how to develop into international marketing for over 20 years.

Considerations When Expanding Internationally

Some of the things to consider are when wanting to franchise your business into other countries are:

  • Adapting your model for other countries
  • The countries to target first
  • Build a master franchisee profile
  • Structure your offer to investors
  • Legal Agreements & Manuals
  • Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for some help, and advice, on where to start with international franchising, we can help you.

The Franchising Centre has been advising people like you on how to successfully franchise their business in international markets, for over 20 years. The prospect of developing into new countries can be both exciting, and a little daunting. But don’t worry, we have the experience and the processes to guide you through the maze, and help you establish your business as an international player.

What Are The Steps to Take?

Okay, so what does it take to franchise your business into other countries? Firstly, let me tell you that different business take different approaches, and that’s fine. There’s no right or wrong way. We’re used to working with all types of businesses with different aspirations and budgets, but in the broader terms, the process is as follows:

  • We look at the concept you wish to take into international, identify any areas that you need adapting and help you develop the international offering.
  • Next we will introduce a plan for international growth, which will include our assessment of which countries you should target first, the best way to structure your franchise in each of these markets, and how it all fits together as a financial plan. This is where our experience of international markets can really help you, and make sure you don’t make any expensive mistake.
  • Then, we’ll guide you as to what sort of person or company would make a good master franchisee, and build a franchisee profile.
  • We will put together all of the documentation which you need for international franchising, including legal agreements and manuals.
  • Finally, we’ll develop an international marketing plan, with you, to recruit master franchisees and feed you into our network of over 60 franchise associates around the world, as appropriate.

Now of course, if you simply intend to award a master franchise, to a particular person that has contacted you in another country, you will not need to go through this whole process and we can guide you accordingly.

Whatever you need, we can help you. Contact us today and tell me about your plans for international franchising.

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