Nomasvello was born in 2007 in Madrid, Spain, as an international franchising specialising in intense pulsed light hair removal.

The real strength of the format is the idea of a technology to leave the luxury salons, making it available to everyone; also, our specialisation.

Nomasvello is the only brand in the sector that till today is in the Top 100 Franchise Direct ranking, with a turnover of more than 20 million euros.

The Franchise Opportunity:

  • Investing in Nomasvello means entering a constantly growing market and having excellent earning prospects for a limited investment.
  • In almost 15 years of business, Nomasvello is today the most important company on the hair removal market.
  • The annual turnover of a Nomasvello centre allow a full return on investment in about 12-18 months.
  • For this reason, many franchisees open a second centre only 12 months after the first one.
  • The business can be managed remotely, and no experience is needed. Nomasvello will provide all the necessary know-how.

Investment: Depends on the country

Year established: 2007

Estimated time to break even: 12-18 months

Current number of franchisees: over 600 in 15 countries worldwide

Franchise Lifestyle: Management from home

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