Juan Valdez is an internationally famed premium coffee brand created to not only promote the excellence of its Colombian coffee, but also to champion sustainable and ethical farming. It prides itself on being the only international coffee brand that belongs to those who grow, harvest and benefit from coffee, generating value to more than 540.000 coffee growing families.

Building on the foundation of their fantastic coffee, Juan Valdez has also created a truly authentic café experience and a highly recognizable brand with a unique appeal that sets it apart. Double-digit revenue growth in international markets for the first six months of 2023 show this is a brand that is on the up and really knows how to offer something which can stand out in such a busy marketplace.

The Franchise Opportunity:

  • The chance to bring a highly visible, innovative and proven new “plug and play” concept to the UK market providing value to both consumers and restaurants.
  • Partners will benefit from proprietary digital tools, an established business system, and the potential to achieve high returns on their investment.
  • An ideal opportunity for those with experience in managing and launching multiple stores in the retail, food or beverage space, or with the skills and capability to create a plan to do so
  • Sensational, ethical sourced coffee combined with a range of other complementary products create a well-rounded and authentic F&B experience
  • 4 different, tried-and-tested outlet formats designed to suit a variety of locations, from seated café to express kiosks
  • Well-developed digital marketing through multiple platforms which is constantly adapted and evolved to keep the brand top-of-mind with its customers
  • Extensive corporate advertising plans and promotions designed to work on all levels, from the international to the regional and local
  • Comprehensive coaching, training programmes, and operational manuals perfected over decades of opening hundreds of outlets
  • Ongoing support from an expert international team who have already proven the success of their business model in 18 different countries

Minimum Investment: £750,000

Year established: 2002

Current number of franchisees: 500+ outlets in 18 countries

Franchise Lifestyle: Management

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