Isn’t it usually smart to spend less?

Looking around for the best deal is only natural, especially when it comes to your business’ precious, hard-earned capital. If you’re getting the same value for less, why wouldn’t you choose the cheaper option?

However, how sure can you be that you are getting the same value when you opt for the cheaper deal? Often, it’s not until later that the dangers of false economy can become apparent. For example, that off-brand part for you car might be saving you a lot of money today, but if you have to replace it all over again a year from now, have you really saved anything? Or just set yourself up for greater cost down the line?

When you’re focused entirely on price, it can be hard to see the true value behind the figures, and if there is something you never want to scrimp on, it is your most important investment: the one in your business’ future growth.

Do you want a solution for today, or for tomorrow?

I am sure you will be aware of the many different reasons why franchising is considered such a great model for business growth, but it is no magic wand that will grant you success overnight. You would not have got where you are today in business if you didn’t understand what really needs to go into creating success, and undercutting your own future with the cheapest deal is rarely a winning strategy.

Franchising is no different.

When you invest in growing your business as a franchise, you’re potentially investing in up to the next 25 years of your business’ growth. The rewards can be huge, but getting it right requires time, focus, and resources. Focusing on how you can do it in the cheapest way possible just means you are under-investing in your business’ growth, and there are a long list of companies who failed in their franchising journeys for just this reason.

They never built a good starting strategy because they never got the right advice, and never laid sufficient groundwork. If you get franchising wrong from the start, the best case scenario is you just end up having to fork out all over again in a few years from now to redo all your planning, consultancy and strategy.

Worst case is you end up squandering all your capital, and permanently handicapping your business’ future.

Franchising is a marathon, not a sprint – make sure you have the best people running by your side

Here at The Franchising Centre, we offer a huge range of services designed to help you wherever you are in your franchising journey. While there are certain key elements every business needs, this is a journey which is different for every business, which is why we tailor our offerings to the exact needs of our clients, big or small, whatever stage they are at.

We can help you as little or as much as you need in any or all of the following areas:

  • Developing your business into a franchise
  • Growing your network of franchisees
  • Supporting your franchisees as you grow
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Recruiting key franchise personnel
  • Expanding your franchise overseas

How The Franchising Centre brings value to your investment

When you choose to work with The Franchising Centre, you’re not just working with a consultant or recruiter, you are working with an entire team. We have an incredible pool of experts who can be put at your disposal, depending on your needs and goals. We can even help you work out what those should be!

From development consultants and recruitment specialists, through to marketing gurus, content teams and tech wizards, we can truly offer you an expert for any occasion.

Not only that, but we can also guarantee you sector specific expertise in any and every possible industry. Over the last 25+ years, our crack team have built up considerable experience in care business, food & beverage brands, business consultancy firms, estate agents – you name it!

This team can become your team, just as The Franchising Centre can become your franchising centre.

The first step is FREE

Despite everything I said above, the first step in working with The Franchising Centre will actually cost you absolutely nothing.

The first major phase in franchising your business, or taking your franchise growth to the next level, is creating a Franchise Development Blueprint – a comprehensive strategy of what direction you should take, what goals you should set, and how you can achieve them. However, even before that comes an initial assessment and health check on your business to help you decide if it is worth your while taking the next step.

It is this that we are now offering completely free of charge. The only cost to you is your time, but what we both gain is a clearer understanding of if, and how, we can help each other.

So, why not set one up? If you want to book in your free business health check, or just ask me some more questions about what’s involved, you can schedule a call by clicking the button on this page.

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