So, you’re a successful franchisor who’s built a strong network of partners right across the UK and you’ve nailed exactly how to make it work. It probably wasn’t easy, and you’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are now. You might even be wondering what the next step is.

Most mature franchises like yours think about overseas franchising or something similar at this stage, and that truly is a fantastic option. However, I’d like you to consider a something a bit more outside of the box. Your product and brand, their marketing, and an efficient model for delivering them, aren’t the only assets you’ve grown along your franchising journey. There’s another one you may not always think about:

Franchising Expertise


It could be one of your most valuable, so why shouldn’t you and your business cash in on this asset, too?

Have you considered taking on another brand as a master franchisee? Using your existing infrastructure to expand into a lucrative, new, parallel channel?

After all, you already know exactly how to really make franchising work. You know how to recruit great franchisees, and how to support them in driving your own business forward. Why not put that to use alongside your current offering by using your expertise to grow a complementary brand?

This might be an extra service you can add to your current franchise offering to act as a form of horizontal or vertical integration, or an entirely new channel which you can recruit for using your existing framework.

I know of only a few franchisors who have taken this route, but that’s just because so few have realised the huge potential of the concept. If it tickles your interest, why don’t we have a chat? I work with a number of international franchises who are looking for master franchise holders to take their brand into the UK, so there’s a good chance I will already know of a great match for you.

Even if you just want to pick my brains, I would be really interested in hearing what you think about this new concept.

You can schedule a call with me anytime using the button below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Iain Martin

Master Franchising
The Franchising Centre

Support Office: 01603 343454

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