N-Hance Wood Renewal is the No. 1 choice for refinishing cabinets, hardwood floors, furniture and other wood surfaces, with nearly 500 franchises in operation across the United States. Founded in 2001 by the same company that launched Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise, N-Hance is a low-cost, highly scalable investment opportunity with a proven business model that is revolutionizing the $450 billion American home restoration industry. N-Hance’s patented and proprietary products and beautifully restored cabinets and floors, N-Hance wood refinishing is going to continue to grow for decades to come. N-Hance is seeking a Master Franchisee for the UK.

The Franchise Profile:

  • Developed by Harris Research Family in 1987 (who also developed the ChemDry franchise globally); Franchise Program launched in 2001; Nearly 500 Franchises in 5 Global Markets; Ranked #1 in Category (USA) by Entrepreneur.
  • Services include: Hardwood floors; Cabinets; Exterior & interior doors; Built-ins, stairs & railings, mouldings & trim; Furniture; Granite Countertop Refreshing & Polishing.
  • Benefits of the N-Hance service: Higher quality finish than paint; no drips, no streaks, no bleed through; Higher durability than paint; no chipping, no peeling, receive a rock-hard finish; Lower cost than traditional kitchen remodels; Products are non-toxic and have very little odour; N-Hance uses ultraviolet light curing technology, providing shorter downtimes and maximum durability; N-Hance refinishes over 8,000 + kitchens every year; Wood is our specialty!
  • Top 25% of franchisees generate $240K+ in their first year in America, but the potential for revenue is even stronger as a master franchisee. This is a low cost franchise to own with a high potential ROI.
  • The Master Franchise package features:
    • Exclusive & protected territory set by geographic borders (could be whole UK or just England/Wales or just Scotland)
    • Ten (10) Year Agreement (with ten (10) year option)
    • Retail products are also available for consumer purchase
    • Master is supported in Marketing, Branding, Training and Operations
    • Master is fully responsible for Sub-Franchise development
  • The Master Franchise support programme includes:
    • Initial Training
    • Technical Assistance Hotline
    • Frequent Webinars
    • Retreats, Specialty Training and in-country support.
    • Annual Convention
    • N-Hance Online University
    • Comprehensive Marketing Library
  • The Master Franchisee’s investment will cover:
    • License fee for the MF territory.
    • Office.  Staff for Marketing, Social Media, Accounting, Training, Receiving and Distribution
    • Warehousing (Solution and Equipment Supply for Master and new sub-franchisee start up packages)
    • Inventory (Solutions and Equipment)
    • Business (Website, legal, Licensing, etc.)

Minimum Investment: Cash requirement will be £200K+

Year established: 1987

Estimated time to break even: Totally dependent on development plan implemented by Master Franchisee – but if there is consistent sub-franchise sales activity, break-even could come within 2 years.

Current number of franchisees: 500+

Franchise Lifestyle: Work – Mon-Fri

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