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Helping you embrace the future of franchising!

The last two and half decades have been an incredible journey in the world of franchising. We’ve seen it grow into one of the UK’s most dynamic sectors, with around 1000 different UK brands embracing the benefits of franchising and using it to sustainably and...

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Multi-Unit Month webinar: Diversity in Franchising

Farrah Rose hosted the third webinar of Multi-Unit Month, and our guests spoke all about the state of diversity in the franchising industry, as well as their own personal stories. The panel detailed their journey into the world of franchising, and spoke on how their...

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Four essentials for European franchise recruitment in 2022

Dugan Aylen has written an article for Global Franchise called "Four essentials for franchise recruitment in 2022" in which he highlights the four key areas that franchisors should focus on in order to most effectively find franchisees in various countries. Although...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Franchisors Fail

The 'business of franchising' is something that no successful independent business owner who is franchising for the first time has ever experienced! It can be a shock to the system, and without good advice, that shock can be terminal! Read Dugan Aylen's article "The...

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Franchise Your Business Through A Recovery Grant

Exciting Escapes use a Grant Fund to investigate franchising… David & Peter Gale set up Exciting Escapes in 2016 always with a view to grow it and ideally via franchising. Exciting Escapes is, as the name might suggest, a business that operates themed escape...

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New owners at The Franchising Centre

For the last 25 years The Franchising Centre (TFC) has been run under the successful ownership of Brian Duckett and Paul Monaghan. In 2018, they shared their plans with the franchising community to secure TFC’s legacy with a new senior management team.With...

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Big News from the Global Franchise Awards 2020

The Franchising Centre is very pleased to announce that our very own Farrah Rose, Head of International Development, has been awarded the prestigious Category Winner prize for Contribution to International Franchising at the Global Franchise Awards 2020. International...

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How To Become A Franchise Owner In 2020

Becoming a franchise owner can be an attractive proposition if you’re business minded. Low failure rates established brand awareness, and rather high profits make this option appealing to many entrepreneurs. This market has grown at a staggering pace over...

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Ask the Experts – What Makes a Good Franchise..?

...and How Do I Know if it's an Ethical and Honest Business? It is important that people conduct thorough and full due diligence when considering a franchise proposition. At The Franchising Centre, we evaluate a business using a system we call 'Five Star...

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