Don’t let clunky old software and messy comms across multiple platforms hold your growing franchise back.

Supercharge your network with Ziik, instead!

Ziik is franchise intranet software

– a deceptively simple name for a unique and innovative piece of tech which seriously delivers when it comes to solving the biggest problems of a growing franchise. It is an all-in-one internal communication and information sharing platform which can totally transform how you manage, support, and communicate with your franchisees. After all, any franchisee support network is only ever as good as its ability to communicate important information to its members.

The word “revolutionise” is bandied around a lot these days, but this software is a real game changer for any kind of business – we’re even using it ourselves!

It can completely replace your existing communication tools by putting them all in one place, and add incredible value to your franchise.

Among it’s many, many different functions, Ziik can:

Transform your comms by making everything searchable and easy to read on a single digital platform

Streamline all your systems freeing up time and resources for you and your network

Keep all your important info and comms in one easy to access place, not across multiple channels

Make it easier to share and track comms to every single person in your network

Offer a very easy to use interface which can be set up with your branding

Make important information quick and easy to find on-the-go

Add Huge Credibility to Your Franchise Support Structure With Your Own App

Your version of the Ziik app is entirely owned by you and can be custom branded and whitelisted to look and feel like you have developed your very own app, just for your franchisees! You can enjoy all the same bespoke functionality and sleek look of a high-end tech solution created just for you, but without the hefty price tag or long development schedule.

Digitise Your Franchise Operations Manual for Maximum Effect

Your franchise ops manual is one of the most important parts of your business model, and digitising it properly means you can constantly evolve and adapt how your franchisees make best use of your systems. We don’t mean the PDFs or Shared Docs you’re used to – we’re talking live, easy to search and update manuals that you and your franchisees can access on the fly at any time.

Stop Using Workplace from Meta / WhatsApp / Facebook Groups

When you use 3rd party apps, you’re basically handing over complete control of your comms to another company. One which has their own agenda and business plan which doesn’t include you. Those messages could disappear at any time. They can also be nearly impossible to search through, index, or track who has read what and when. Ziik gives you complete control over all your messaging, meaning important information is never missed, and can even be used by your franchisees to communicate with their staff.

Been using Workplace from Meta? Then you already have a problem Ziik can solve…

A lot of franchisors have become dependent on this platform for managing their network, but we have bad news….it’s shutting down in 2025! Fortunately, Ziik has already been way ahead of the game for a while now, offering the same functions but in a much more accessible and user-friendly way. It has a unique hierarchy with Groups and a News Feed that can reach everyone or selected employees in a few clicks, and has a range of static features to ensure important info is never lost.

Unbelievably Cost-Effective on a Per User Basis

Forget spending thousands of pounds on the perfect custom app – you can have it all at a fraction of the cost! You’ll only pay for the number of users you have online, so it can scale up with you as your business evolves. With just a few clicks, you can add new users, territories, or even overseas regions as your brand goes international. No commitments, no huge upfront fees – just one, all-inclusive plan that grows with you.

No Training Needed for Franchisees

If your franchisees can use email and social media, they can use Ziik. It is incredibly easy to use and learn, and can be accessed anywhere, any time. The interface is simple and user-friendly, and does not require any special IT skills or costly training as it can be learnt in minutes. You won’t need any special skills or dedicated IT team, either, and the whole system can be quickly and easily maintained on your behalf.

Ziik is available exclusively through The Franchising Centre here in the UK

We’d be more than happy to discuss it with you in more detail, and even arrange a demo. So, get in touch today to find out how Ziik can transform your franchise and help your network fulfil its potential.

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