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Franchise Operations Manuals

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All franchisors know the reasons why having a good, up to date franchise operating manual is important – that's why you are reading this! The problem is, actually getting the job done. It's a rare combination of events that provides a new or established franchisor with a person that has the ability, desire, knowledge, motivation and time to sit down and write or update a franchise operations manual. And that's where we come in. We will solve the problem for you.

New Franchise Manuals
If you are in the process of developing a new franchise, no doubt plenty of people will have outlined the important reasons for having a professional franchise operations manual:

As you grapple with the challenges of running your existing business whilst trying to set up a new franchise and learning how to be a franchisor, writing a franchise manual that is fit for purpose can be a challenge too far. Let us take the strain for you in this area. We have been writing franchise manuals for developing franchises for many years. We have the experience and processes to make this a relatively simple task and

Franchise Oprations Manual Updates
A situation we regularly come across with established franchisors is a downward spiral of franchise manual maintenance. The management are aware that the franchise manual needs updating, but "Circumstances" prevent it from getting done. (Let's face it, there is always something more important to do than update the manual!) The longer this goes on, the bigger the task gets and the less likely it is to get done. In the end, the franchisor knows they have a manual which doesn't look good to prospects, new franchisees or existing franchisees and potentially leaves them legally exposed as well. If that sounds familiar, it's probably time you gave us a call.

Whether you want a ground up review and rewrite of your franchise operating manual to comply with your current systems and franchise agreement, or lighter touch regular reviews to ensure your manual is maintained, we can help. Our franchise manual writing service is about providing the solution you require in an easy, cost effective way. Contact us today and get peace of mind in this important area of your business.

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